Our Philosophy

How Yippy Is Our Tunes?!!!


Our Philosophy is simple:

  • We teach music
  • And we want you to have fun learning it!
  • We believe happy teachers breed happy students.

Gone were the days when students were expected to learn only the classical bits. Our teachers are trained to identify student’s strength and areas of interest whilst using a diverse range of musical styles from Classical to Pop.

We wish we could say there are no exams, no expectations, no sweat and no tears! We are here to help your child achieve the highest level of musicianship either through studying for exams or just for enjoyment.

We too have a vested interest in nurturing the next Alicia Keys.

Our Recipe

  • Thirty minutes or more per session.
  • Four sessions per month.
  • Add plenty of practices in between.
  • No salt, go light on the sugar. Plenty of chocolates and countless stickers if behaved well in class.
  • Very importantly, must add laughter.

Repeat 1 to 5. No more, no less.