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About us

Yippy Tune Music School was founded by Deon Ong with over 20 years of experience in teaching music across Brunei, Singapore and Australia. Her music experience includes being a piano instructor in Yamaha Singapore in the early 2000's. Deon is a licensed Kindermusik and Simply Music instructor. She has also performed in various international music events including MTV Asia Award.​

While in Australia, Deon was recognised with the Most Outstanding Music Teacher Award by the University of Southern Queensland. Her reputation for her excellence in music education has seen her coaching a number of high profile clients as well as receiving invitations for master classes and judging for music contests and festivals locally and abroad.

As part of the school's effort in building confidence in students, Yippy Tune regularly organizes and participates in musical events to present to the local community. 

Under Deon's leadership, Yippy Tune Music School has produced a long list of outstanding students excelling in exams and performed at a regional level. Her goal, however, is to help students discover the true value of music, not just acing in another music exam or attaining another competition medal.

Yippy Tune Music School's motto is developing happy musicians, a guiding principle for the school's reason for existence and all its operations since day one. 

Deon was recently featured on Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra program, you can listen to her interview here

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